bigstockphoto_Parrot_1074290Birds can be amazing to watch and interact with, and you want them as healthy as can be. Pratt’s has everything you need for your fine feathered friend whether it be an exotic finch or a squakin’ macaw! Take a look below to see just a glimpse of what you can find in one of our stores.

Pratt’s Preferred Bird Feeds (Pratt’s has been making fresh seed diets for seventy years. Made locally with the freshest ingredients straight from the farms to our bags!
Brand Name Bird Foods (Kaytee, Fiesta, Zupreem, Volkman, Pretty Bird, Roudybush, and much more)
Treats (Seed sticks, seed bells, Nutri-berries, Bulk fruits, nuts and grains, cuttlebones, spray millet, etc.)
Toys (Wood, leather, beads, bells, mirrors, in all sizes and for all types of birds)
Vet Care (Vitamins, supplements, wormers, antibiotics, mineral supplements, etc.)
Grooming (Bird baths, bath sprays, nail and wing clippers, mite control products, etc.)
Cages / Habitats (Practically priced, functional and beautiful designs)
Books (Specific breed books, training manuals, and DVD’s)
Misc Items (Bird leashes, perches, and cage litter)

Let tweety know how much you love him and come to Pratt’s today. You’ll be impressed with our huge in-store aviary – and who knows – you may want to get tweety a friend.