How to give a feline vaccine

The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) recommends that each type of feline vaccine be given to cats in a specific location on the body.

For feline 3-way or 4-way combination vaccines that do NOT contain feline leukemia, the injection should be given on the outside portion of the right front leg below the elbow joint.

Position yourself next to your cat’s right shoulder, opposite your helper, with your cat between the two of you. Have your helper hold your cat gently, possibly distracting her with a toy or a treat.

When giving the vaccine, remove the cap from the needle, lift the skin at the injection site, and insert the needle. Pull back on the syringe to be sure you are not in a blood vessel, in which case blood would come into the syringe. Inject the entire amount of vaccine.

It’s that easy and safe. Your pet will hardly notice the injection.

When you have finished vaccinating your cat, recap the needle and set it aside. Do not dispose of the needle or syringe in your garbage. We suggest you take it to your local pharmacy or public health clinic for disposal.

After your vaccination session, be sure to reward your good cat with a small treat and lots of praise. Also, monitor your cat for several hours after the vaccination.\

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