Natural Farm Beef Tendon Dog Chews (6-9")

Natural Farm

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A tasty way to protect your dog’s joint health. Our Natural Farm Tendon Dog Chews are a grain and hormone-free treat, rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, and safe for puppies.  Absolutely no chemicals, additives or artificial flavors for quality you can trust.

Product Description

Simplistic health. Our Natural Farm Tendon Dog Chews are rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, so your dog or puppy (over 3 months in age) can safely indulge while protecting their hip and joint health. Beef tendons are a lean protein for better weight control, muscle health, and dental health. Perfect for medium chewers and teething puppies. Absolutely no chemicals, hormones, additives or artificial flavors, or grains for quality you can trust.

  • Low odor, highly digestible, tested for purity
  • Single-ingredient: Natural beef tendon
  • Made from grass fed, free-range cattle in Brazil


 Natural beef tendon

Approximate Kcal per unit:
4-6 Inch: 222 Kcal
Facts %
Moisture (max)  10
Protein (min)  82
Ash (max) 1.5
Fat (min)  12
Fiber (max)  0.5


Feeding Instructions

Always monitor your dog closely when introducing a new treat and provide plenty of fresh water. We recommend that you minimize chew time to 3-5 minutes at first and increase over a 5-day period. Be extra attentive to young dogs & puppies, and steer away from chews altogether for puppies under 3 months. While all our products are carefully selected for the highest quality and safety, please consider your dog’s health, age, diet, and chew capacity before introducing a new treat. Our treats & chews should never replace your dog’s diet and is not meant for human consumption.



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