Naturally Fresh Alpine Meadow Scent Clumping Litter (14 lb)

Naturally Fresh

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Scented Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping Formula

Naturally Fresh is made from 100% natural walnut shell, which provides superior odor control, absorbs three times better than clay litter, and is virtually dust-free. Plus, Naturally Fresh is all natural, toxin-free, and 100% biodegradable, which means it’s safe for you, your cat kid, and the environment. Our Alpine Meadow® formula is perfect for pet parents of multi-cat households who are looking to maintain a clean environment with a natural, fresh scent.

Superior Odor Control and Absorption

An exclusive cat litter formula made from the fibrous material of the walnut shell, Naturally Fresh neutralizes litter box odors better than clay, pine, corn, and wheat litters.

  • Enhanced with Long-Lasting Fresh Scent
    The unique Alpine Meadow® blend of herbs and botanicals provides a fresh scent without the overwhelming perfumes of other litters.
  • Proven to Absorb 3x Better than the Leading Clay Litter*
    One bag of Naturally Fresh is equal to three bags of the leading clay litter.
  • Tighter Clumping for Easier Scooping*
    Our super-absorbent formula produces tight clumps in as little as 15 minutes, making cleanup easy and mess-free.
  • Low Dust and Low Tracking
    Unlike clay litters, Naturally Fresh contains no silica dust – so you and your cat kid can breathe easy. It also doesn’t stick to your cat’s paws, so litter won’t be tracked through your home.

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