Ethical Pet Spot Rocket Lollies Yogurt, Strawberry & Banana Flavor Dog Treats (2 Pack)

Ethical Pet

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Pup Ice is an innovative dog chew, like nothing else on the market, an ambient dog chew, which can be frozen at home. The treats are mess free, they do not melt or drip. It is not liquid, it is a solid chew, which can be frozen. The chew is created by using a unique formula, which allows it to freeze. The product has been created so the dog’s tongue will not stick to the product as they lick as it may with a conventional frozen treat. The retailer does not need a freezer to store or sell the product. After taking the product home you place the treat bag in the freezer for 3 hours and they become frozen treats. They also do not require the owner to hold them, the dog can chew Pup Ice unaided. The chews have added calcium and prebiotics for additional health benefits.

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